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Drastic DS Emulator APK Free Download

Drastic DS Emulator APK

Drastic DS emulator is one of the best Nintendo DS emulator for android. Games made for Nintendo DS can be played on android device without any lag.Currently the app supports both tablets and phones.So playing in landscape mode in a tablet pc will be a great experience.At the time of writing this article, Drastic DS Emulator supports all kinds of controllers which would otherwise work with android games.Download most wanted Devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play have a great compatibly on this app.

Latest Flappy Bird APK Free Download

Download Flappy Bird APK

Flappy Bird APK : I usually do not play games  on android much, except say like like NFS most wanted .But I tend to see and check out trending apps on play store. Finally came to hear about flappy bird,as everyone was updating their best score on Facebook  ,twitter .So downloaded it and played.Opened the game and found out a game that seems to be a remake of a classic 1990 hard hitter.But still continued to the play menu just because I had seen many of those 'high score'. And I started playing the game. Believe me,I played it for more than I could have imagined! Total 1 hour,that too for a game that has no graphics at all,and not stopping at this I then met one of my friends and then we were busy flappy birding since then. Poweramp full apk

Image 2 wallpaper APK Free Download

Image 2 wallpaper APK

This app helps you to set your favourite  picture as wallpaper.you can select you picture from sd card or ext sd. Its available for both mobiles and tablets.The main feature about this app is that you can set wallpaper without cropping the image.which was not possible when we were using the stock android wallpaper setter.Download most wanted android ,The image which we are going to set can be aligned horizontally or vertically

Jbed Java Emulator APK Free Download

Jbed apk Will allow you to run any Java/J2ME .jar apps on your android device.Now the age of .jar games have gone but still one may want to run their jar games,this app will help.
follow the instruction for setting it up.This version is for android Rclair,froyo and Gingerbread.Try it on ICS though its not guaranteed to work. download mx player

MX player Pro APK | MX player APK Free Download

         MX Player pro APK free download

Mx player is the best video player out there ,at least for android. iOS may have another one because iOS does not allow developers to give that much features to users as android allows,that's the main reason why iOS sucks.leaving aside the iOS android war,[ samsung touchwiz launcher ]let me tell you that its one of the top apps of Google play,dominating the section from quite a long time and will continue to.They offer 2 version of the APK, - free and pro ,with the Mx player PRO version being ad free.


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