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Subway Surfers APK Free Download for android full latest version


Subway Surfers APK- Endless Running Refined

Subway surfers APK is an endless running mobile game developed by a private company  Kiloo  in collaboration with SYBO games.
This addictive game is just like temple run but instead of running from the monsters,here the main characters-Jake,Tricky and Fresh have to run from a grumpy old guard and his dog,dodging from moving trains on the way. NFS Most Wanted APK Main attraction of the game is the colorful world which temple run does not have.Its mainly for kids.


       Subway Surfers APK v1.13 free download

On the way,collect as many coins and power ups that will help you unlock more characters and bonuses like paint powered jet pack,coin-attracting magnet,gravity defying sneakers and multipliers. While this all seems easy, but a series of obstacles like moving trains,barricades,lamp posts and more will always keep you on your toes.

     While the game play is just like temple run, it's vivid and colourful HD graphics and cute characters  make it a very interesting game that can hook you up for hours. If you are a fan of Temple Run, you will definitely like this game.
I didn't like this game considering that its a copy of temple run. Subway surfers APK free download
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In the beginning of the game,you are jake.You have to control jake Swiping left-to-right controls , swiping upward makes Jake jumpa downward swipe makes Jake do a roll - to slide under objects ,as he runs to evade cops after he was found spraying the walls.
In the game,you have to dodge trains,jump the obstacles ,evade police and do all this until you die.The game will end when you fail to dodge any obstacle that comes by.You sometimes get a jetpack which will help you to fly and evade the police. Download Drastic DS Emulator If you take a magnet ion the way,you will receive coins 2x the normal speed.Some missions are there in pause menu in options.While running you can take boxes which will increase your score

Subway Surfers is a free app and does not have in app purchase so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.You don't have to buy powers with real money.You can earn cash within the game to do the purchasing.The game has a good system which has protection against child purchases if you have your credit card linked.
If you do not love playing with the touch based controls and want to play it with your PS3 dualshock controller,Download sixaxis apk here and follow instructions there to play the game with ps3 remote
The best part of the game is you get very frequent updates from the developers of the game which makes everyone play new levels which are released very frequently.Their very frequent update makes it a success among gamers.

I played this game on Samsung S3 and my tab with 1GHz CPU ,512mb RAM and a mali 400 GPU and both devices were able to run this game flawlessly. Subway surfers APK free download

All-in-all, Subway Surfers stands out because it takes a very popular and established formula and iterates on it in a few important ways. The mission system is varied enough to provide you with a reason to keep coming back to the game, the characters are fun, quirky and charming and the additions that Kiloo and Sybo have added to the gameplay, really make it something special and it is definitely a game that deserves a spot in your games folder (or however else you organize your games/apps)

  • no corners to turn,making it easier to play
  • power-ups-adding variety to the game
  • very responsive controls
  • addictive missions and challenges
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  • The game is very colorful 
  • colourful,cute characters and Graphics
  • Gameplay too similar to Temple run
  • Dips in framerate

New in the updated versions:

  • The Subway Surfers World Tour visits Florida,Miami,New York,Beijing,Sydney,Rome,Tokyo,     Rio De Janeiro.
  • Exclusive outfits for Tricky & Jake
  • Expand your character collection with the beach boy, Nick
  • Own the Subway on the fierce Hot Rod board
For any support regarding game bugs contact : http://kiloo.com/games/subway-surfers
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Some Reviews about Subway Surfers on Google Play:

Subway surfers APK
Subway surfers APK

Screenshots of Subway Surfers:(click to zoom)

subway surfers

subway surfers screenshots

Gameplay on android device

Technical Specifications:

Developer: Kiloo
Genre: Arcade & Action
Requirement: Android Gingerbread & above
 Version: 1.13.0
Content: Low Maturity 

                                      Download  subway surfers apk here if above link doesn't work

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