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Simple Way to Root karbonn Titanium S5 [Working] and rooting explained

One of the emerging players of the Indian Smartphone market-Karbonn had Released their one of the best looking phones-Karbonn Titanium S5.
 [ Samsung launcher for karbonn ]It is really a very good looking phone with some good specs for that price- It has

  • 1.2 Ghz Quad core Qualcomm Processor                
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4 GB ROM and Android 4.1.2
But to make use of this good hardware you need to root your S5. POP Classic APK There are many misconceptions associated with root .People worry that rooting will make their phone malfunction,void their warranty,And 90% of them considered rooting as a very geeky process, ie. they thought that their phone can only be rooted by an android professional (generally the shopkeepers of mobile shops) .I have heard many people saying-I am planning to get is rooted,Some say that "look that phone comes pre rooted,so They think that that's an added advantage". But actually rooting is not any hard science.It only means that you are allowing your phone to have access to internal core files of android,which can be used to tweak your android device to such an extent you cannot even imagine-if you a beginner in android. superuser- apk 

So How to root Karbonn Titanium S5?

Rooting an Karbonn phone is very much easy if we compare it to the rooting procedures of Samsung,HTC and other companies.So you will just have to follow the following instructions and rest assured you will be successful in rooting your device.

  1. First make sure your phone has enough battery for a 10 min work
  2. Then download this karbonn S5 rooting app called framaroot,which installs superuser on your system.
  3. I am sure most of you are viewing this from PC as you probably thought rooting as a high profile ask. lol .but the funny part is if you are following this tutorial from your phone also,you can root your phone!!
  4. Need for speed Most wanted APK
  5. Now If you are here from pc,You have to connect your phone with PC to send this apk to your phone,To send the apk,connect the phone and then  install the S5 Android driver .Once the phone is  connected and you transferred the APK file,Proceed to the next step.
  6. If you are here with your phone,you can directly download that rooting framaroot apk given above to your SD card.
  7. Install the apk and open it.
  8. First It asks you to select an action to execute-,there you have to select "Install superuser",Don't do anything if its set by default.
  9. Below You will find a dialog "Select an exploit to root your device" and you have to click on ``Gandlf'``.
  10. What it does is installs the superuser root management applications which will manage your root permissions now onward.
  11. Poweramp full version unlocker apk
  12. Now restart your device.

All of these steps are covered in this video
And hoo hooo...yahoooo
You have got a sexy superuser application on your app,thats the app which will regulate all the root permissions on your phone.Do verify you root by downloading "root checker" from play store,It will check for root access and tell you if your device is rooted or not.
Superuser is the free version and has some limitations.So I recommend you to install Superuser Elite.
Rom Manager is one of the first application to install after rooting So you can install CWM (don't worry I'll cover CWM later)

So now you have successfully rooted you titanium S5,So now 90% of you guys will think of  what do with my phone now? well,I will open your brains,rest you will have to think,All of us are tired by the default apps bundled with new phones,karbonn follows the same tradition.It has a lot of bloatware ie junk applications which are of no use to use,but we are forced to keep it because we don't have the uninstall option .
But now Your phone is under you,not you under you phone,as the case till now.
Download root browser (it is free) from play store.It is the best root explorer application,means it will help you peep inside the core android files which were hidden from you till this time.Now when you open root browser after installing,go to the root directory, denoted by "/" or the toppest level you can go up.And then you will find a folder `system`.This folder is one of the main garage of android files.Now navigate to  system/App .This is the place where you will get to see all your apps that are considered as the system files,means the applications which cannot be uninstalled. So you have it,the apk's which you want to uninstall are all here, Only delete the files which are really those local apps,as deleting any critical android app like framework.apk (and many more) will cripple your android device and your device will not boot up.

Do play Most wanted and Virtua tennis on your phone,Your phone is pretty powerful to handle these games easily,I bet those Quad cores are not stuffed inside just to call and message :p

Now you will slowly understand how android works when you will start peeping each folder inside the system .Do call me in comments If you have any doubts regarding anything in this topic or any android problem.Today you learnt to root Your titanium S5 and much much more will be covered.
Just Stay tuned .


  1. Sir How to backup important data before rooting?

    1. There is no chance of data loss in rooting dude,So chill and I will soon write an article to backup data manually as well with application such as titanium backup,stay tuned
      Thanks for commenting rahul :)



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