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DraStic DS Emulator APK Free Download Full Patched version Cracked

Drastic DS Emulator APK is one of the best Nintendo DS emulator for android. Games made for Nintendo DS can be played on android device without any problems- smoothly.
Currently the app supports both tablets and phones.So playing in landscape mode in a tablet pc will be a great experience.At the time of writing this article, Drastic DS Emulator supports all kinds of controllers which would otherwise work with android games.Download most wanted Devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play have a great compatibly on this app.

Drastic DS Emulator APK

This is a next generation Nintendo emulator for android devices.With this app installed, you can play mainly all Nintendo DS games on your android tab or mobile. Devices like xperia play and nvidia shield have a very good compatibly with the software.One can customise the placement and the size of screens, in both portrait and landscape modes, Flappy Bird APK SO screen adaptation is not an issue. The app has some advanced features found mainly in computer virtual pc emulators like virtual box and vmware- the screen state save feature. The screen state save feature saves your screen in whatever position you are and resumes the very same screen next time you switch on the app. The database of the app has thousands of cheat code and hack for various games, so no need to worry for how you would cheat in the game. The game you are playing can be synced with online cloud services like Google drive for data safety. Emulation speed can be increased with fast forward option in the app.If you have any doubt if your device will work or not,please check out Drastic DS Emulator Demo. Only drawback at this time is that you cannot use wifi and cannot play multiplayer right now. Hope the developer will come up with it very soon. So you can be sure Before buying. I strongly recommend that you buy The app if you can. The apk is shared here only for college students and school goers who don't have a credit card and are unable to enjoy the apps

Screenshots of Drastic DS Emulator:

Options/ Features in Game:

Frame skip type
Frame skip value
Fast-forward maximum speed
Multi-threaded 3D rendering   

Sound enabled
Device microphone enabled
Virtual Game-pad Settings =-
Always show start and select buttons
Menu-Button position
Special Button I,II,III
Download Touchwiz launcher

Control also presses the DS touchscreen
Haptic Drastic DS Emulator feedback
No diagonal input for on-screen D-Pad
D-Pad touch region modifier (1.0-2.0)
Action-Button touch region modifier (1.0-2.0)
DraStic DS Emulator APK cracked download
Controller opacity

External Controller:
Select key mapping
Map Keys/Map Special
Enable analogue triggers
Right-Stick Deadzone 

Show FPS
Transparent FPS Display
Resume last save when starting from shortcut
Savestate overwrite needs confirmation 

Savestate loading needs confirmation
Enable cheats
Disable back button 
Disable menu button 

Google Drive:
Refresh save availability on Google Drive
Reset Google Drive account
System Settings

Store in-game saves in savestates
Enable unzip to file
Ignore gamecard limit
Use low-resolution UI textures

New Features added recently in Drastic DS Emulator:
  1. In the game - Legend of Zelda, the graphical regression is fixed.
  2. Some graphics problem in the game Drastic DS Emulator - hotel desk was fixed.
  3. When virtual pad was disabled,there were some problems in d-D-Pad area, which are now fixed.
  4. Custom portrait area are now restored to default.
  5. Fast forward option on the on-screen can now be disabled.
  6. For mad catz Virtua tennis apk  mozo, manifest is added.
  7. Some errors in right side of display are now fixed.

Download APK >>     Drastic DS Emulator APK
                                                       Lucky Patcher APK
                                    Buy Drastic DS Emulator 

Instructions to crack the Drastic Ds Emulator apk
(First working crack ever!)

  1. Ensure that you device is rooted. ( download root software superuser )
  2. After download,install the DraStic DS Emulator emulator apk first, then install  the lucky patcher.apk
  3. Don't open the application yet.
  4. Open lucky patcher (Update lucky patcher to the latest version within the app) and long press on the app from the app list.
  5. Now select "Remove licence verification" option.
  6. Then Select "Auto modes (inverse)" option.
  7. Now you have to tick "other patches (extreme mode)" also.
  8. Then click the apply button at the bottom and wait for it to crack.
  9. Yahoo...Launch the app,,and click the question mark at the top right corner..You will see no demo at the version number plate and the buy option has also vanished from the main menu!!

If the app is not yet cracked for you, Follow these instructions contributed by one of the readers-

Anonymous Visitor>>I was able to made it work with 20% Luck rate. APKDADDY you should be more accurate with the instructions.

APKDADDY>> I was able to crack the app by using Auto modes (Inverse) and "other patches(extreme mode)" option In the first try itself. Got 70% Luck rate So I could not test other methods and since no one explicitly stated that its not working for them using this method, I did not try further. Thanks a lot for taking your time for the sake of helping others.

For those who were not able to make it run this is what you need to crack Drastic DS emulator APK.

1.) Your device needs to be rooted.
2.) Install the apk for drastic.
3.) Install the apk for lucky patcher.
4.) Update lucky patcher to latest version.
5.) Install BusyBox.
6.) Open lucky patcher long press the drastic icon then select odex this application.
7.) After finishing step 6, long press again and select remove license verification.
8.) Select Auto modes.
9.) At this point, it's now a guessing games, choose what ever you wanted. My first choice was Auto inverse and Other Patches. (but it failed and I tried again using auto only and other patches and it worked)
10.) After patching it, it will say to try the app and if didn't work uninstall the app and redo from step 6.

Just keep trying and it will work. Auto modes choices is not the same for every devices. You have to switch combinations.
Good luck hope this helps.

Finally Drastic DS Emulator APK Cracked. comment below for any help regarding this app.

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  1. It wont work for me still had the license thing pop up

    1. There is a second path too. Try this new one. I got my working

  2. Lucky patcher says I have 70% luck, some patterns failed.

  3. When I opened DraStic emulator afterwards a notification came up saying 'your license is not valid or has expired.' And then the app closed.

  4. Took a little tinkering.
    And instead of auto modes (inverse) Use normal auto modes.
    Ignore other patches as well, and you should have a pretty decently running emulator.
    Great post, and thanks for the help.

  5. Done thanks yaw!

  6. It didn't work. I tried every mode every patch every everything. This. Bites. Thx for the try tho.

    1. Most probably you are having odexed ROM, it wont work on odexed roms, google odex vs deodexed

  7. one day while i was playing the game went on lag so i decided to turn it off. next day when I opened the app the game screen shrank... I cannot turn it back as to how it used to be, can you guys help?

    1. Just go to the app settings and "clear data" it. It will reset the game to the defaults.

    2. thanks! that saved me from the trouble! i was afraid though that my saved files will be affected but it wasn't xD

  8. hmm thanks buddy drastic ds emulator is working good for me

  9. thanks! this saved me the trouble, though at first I was hesitant that my saved files will be lost and sadly it did for the autosaves, not the hard ones you actually do in the game... but nonetheless it did resolve my problem but now it does lag a lot for my dark dawn, not with pokemon though... thanks a lot!

    1. Enjoy your minecraft (y)

  10. LOOK try to apply both auto mode and inverse mode in the patcher... I have seen people getting it patched using both the methods.

  11. Guys its working smoothly on my device. Try to follow the steps exactly as given above. For some device I think inverse patching method will not work, so If drastic ds emulator is not working even after following the steps correctly, then apply auto mode. It will work for sure. I applied auto mode in my brothers mobile

    1. Thanks for dropping by ios hater :D
      Glad that the app is working fine for you and your brother.

    2. ADMIN you rock..

  12. No licence key ?

  13. Is there any alternative for drastic ds emulator ?? Its working perfectly fine but i am just curious.

    1. Pretendo DS emulator works just as well for me. It also supports action replay codes.

  14. Replies
    1. There you have a "Download APK" text in blue colour.. links are just right to it

  15. Yes it is working .. thanks admin.

  16. How to crack drastic ds emulator ? Could you explain that in a video?
    I did not understand the 5th step.

  17. The app just crashed after I tried to crack it, following your method. Please help.

    1. Which method did you follow? I have given 2 methods in case the first one fails.
      And are you getting any error code?

  18. It works like a charm buddy..

  19. Thank God, Finally its working!

  20. lol I was so stupid I actually downloaded the drastic ds emu from the google play store =))))))) now I know why it won't patch

  21. I have done all 5 step exactly same but when I long press the drastic icon the option are create modified and backup no option for odex this file

  22. apk buddy, when i was playing the golden sun dark dawn , why that game is so log neither pokemon black ?

    1. If the game is lagging for you, then its due to the hardware of the device.

  23. Perfect... for me it worked with the Auto Modes(normal)... and without odex...
    Thanks a lot guys!

  24. Thumbs up dude. Drastic is working fine on my galaxy s3.

  25. Thank you apkdaddy. It worked for me without any hiccups..
    I followed exactly what you told above.

  26. Thanks it works but games are lagging on my drastic. Any fix for that?

    1. IF the game is lagging, then its because you have old hardware. Sorry a new phone is the only fix right now.

  27. Thank's it work!!!!! woohoooo...

  28. I was playing while my tablet was being scanned by the antivirus.When it finished it said that draStic was classified as malware.I don't want to delete it.What should I do?

    1. The apk is not the original one, its patched so anivirus is flagging it. Ignore it and enjoy your games

  29. working but games are bit lagging on my galaxy s duos

  30. OK so my device is unrootable. Any idea how to play this or just give me another DS emulator that is nearly as fast as DraStic please.

    1. Tell me your device name and model and I'll give you the procedure to root your device.

  31. Ok i have a pandigital android vr2.3.4 and already downloaded drastic and installed it but still just keeps saying loading for 6 hrs straight and my device does not want to root for some reason or the other very fustrated here pls help

    1. Without root.. You are using the demo version and It wont work. After rooting You can crack the apk given above and then happily play your games. Rooting aint a big task just google it with your device name and follow the instructions.

  32. I havent root my device,but got SuperSU app that works like a charm.Now,lucky patcher didnt succesfully patched drastic in most tries but when i tried Auto modes(inverse) + Other patches(extream) + remove google play depencities in 1 try itt worked.Try that one :)



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